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Drill grinding machines
Universal sharpening machines
Machines for the perfect grinding of standard twist drills (HSS and HM), stepping drills, deep hole drills, centering drills, 6 facet (Avyac) grinding, taps head, reamers, counter sinks, and small 2,3,4 cuttings endmills head. Accessories on request:
Drill centre tapering attachment (web thinning), 6 facet grinding attachment (Avyac) and automatic attachment for the rotation of the chuck.

Drill grinding machines 3/40


Drill grinding device capacity mm.3/40
Fixed indexings: n° 12
Ratio conduction: 1:1 - 1:2
Min. drill angle:

Max. drill angle:

Motor power: kW 1.1
Three Phases voltage: V 230/400
Motor r.p.m.: 2800
Grinding wheel dimensions: mm.203/51/28
Cooling pump power: kW 0.06
Overall dimensions: mm.1080x1100x1250
Weight: Kg 345
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