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Drill grinding machines
Universal sharpening machines


The company Affilatrici 3M was born in 1962 as mechanical workshop.
In the 70's start the production of the first models of grinding machines.
Now the production is composed by:
Manual range: Universal tool and cutter grinding machines (Models 250/U.S., 380/U.S., 500/U.) and Drill grinding machines (Models 3/40, 4/60, 10/80);
CNC range : Tool and cutter grinding machine Model CNC 8000 with 5 axes for the grinding of end mills, drills, profile tools and other kinds of special tools.
We participate at various national and international shows (mainly BIMU Milano and EMO Hannover/Paris/Milano).
Through our dealers in each country, we sell our products in all Europe, U.S.A., Mexico and South America.
In 1998 we made an agreement with the company Feinmechanik Michael Deckel (Weilheim-Germany) for the world-wide exclusive sale of our machine CNC 8000 with 5 axes with the new name S18 PCNC-5.


New on 2002

The new Drill Grinding machine 3M Mod.3/20
for small drills from 3 to 20 mm.
and the new CNC 5 axes Tool and Cutter grinding machine S19 PCNC-5sold with world exclusive
by company Feinmechanik Michael Deckel.

New on 2004

The new CNC 5 axes Tool grinding center 3M TGC-55 PCNC for tool regrinding and small production, and 3M TGC-510 PCNC for tool production.

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