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Pdf Catalogue (978 Kb):













Distance between centres: mm.380
Holding piece table dimensions: mm.632x105
Traverse of longitudinal carriage: mm.380
Traverse of cross carriage: mm.200 + mm. 350
Motor vertical traverse: mm.300
Motor angular displacement on axis: 360°
Dividing turret height: mm.125
Cone coupling of turret ISO 40 or, on request, morse taper 4
Dividing turret rotation: 360°
Various indexing: 1/100
Motor: kW 1,1 V 230/400
Motor r.p.m.: da 1000 a 6000
Max diameter of grinding wheel: mm.150
Overall dimensions: mm. 1400x1290x1600
Weight: 600 kg
Dividing turret with index plate drilled by 36 holes
Cooling pump and its fittings
Box complete with electrical controls
A.C. inverter for changing the wheel motor revolutions
Sockets for all the optionals
Service keys
Instruction book
Splash preventer basins.
Revolving turret for tools
Generatrix with micrometer regulation device for detecting pitches on hobbing cutters from 0 to 220 mm.
Radius attachment for convex and concave cutters.
Adjustable and fixed tailstocks.
Oleodynamic traverse by electric controls for the longitudinal carriage (mm. 350).
Grinding wheel dressing device with centre-finder and 0,50 Kr diamond.
Dividing head motorization.

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